Stichting voor Christelijke Filosofie

18 maart 2021: Webinar over ‘Christian Higher Education in a Pandemic’

Op 18 maart van 15:00-17:00 uur organiseert INCHE Europe (Ìnternational Network for Christian Higher Education) een webinar over Christian Higher Education in a Pandemic: Possibilities for Fractured European Societies.

Het thema wordt als volgt omschreven:

During the 20th century a new fragmentation of Europe developed as secularization and political change led to a religiously and politically divided society. Particularly in a time of pandemic, how can European Christians in higher education bridge some of the gaps as Christians study and work in the different fragments of European society? To strengthen European Christian faith and practice, this online event will offer insights into this fragmentation and the role of Christian universities. The INCHE Europe goal is to deepen understanding and prepare for the in-person INCHE Europe conference on this theme in 2022.

Presenters include Dr. Gerald Pillay, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University and Dr. Jeroen de Ridder, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit. 

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